Representation and Materialization of Interdisciplinary Matter

Architectural Design/Structural and Mechanical Engineering/Arts and Crafts/Medicine/History of Science/History of Art and Architecture/Visual and Environmental Studies

This project seeks research partner(s) who are interested in investigating the role of numerical and graphical representations in facilitating interdisciplinary communication and knowledge integration. Candidates from design, engineering, or medical background are welcome to participate in the research work. Proficiency with both writing and graphics skills is required while computer programming literacy is welcome but not strictly required.

Some of the world's grand challenges today, we begin to understand, can no longer be approached from within the narrow scope of individual fields of knowledge. Instead, they require effective collaboration across disciplines which is often impeded by traditional cognitive and communication paradigms. Computational thinking is becoming a common language across disciplines that may facilitate new forms of communication and collaboration across domain boundaries. However, knowledge integration is still a major challenge as individual disciplines use different technical languages, value-sets and frames of references to ease the communication within each. Here, we take an interest in the capability of computation to represent and translate information in both numerical and visual forms fluently; to connect analytical and creative domains that typically utilize different technical notations. The disciplines of interest for the project include architectural design, structural and mechanical engineering, traditional arts and crafts, and medical imaging and radiology.