Richard P. Rogers Memory-Recovery Project

Photography/Film/Art History


Moving from an uncatalogued photographic archive, I hope to give form through an installation and book that represent the creative process as Richard P. Rogers’ life evolved from photography to film. This will reveal a portrait of a young man, propelled to document and engage with a contemporary landscape, searching to develop a visual vocabulary, who then discovers narrative form and makes it his own.


  • Scanning and editing photographs
  • Transcribing interviews
  • Editing and sequencing images for a book and exhibition
  • Image and subject research

Skill sets: Basic knowledge of Photoshop, and database management, such as FilemakerPro, or willingness to learn.

Along with helping me with the logistics of this project I will appreciate a fresh eye on material that I am very familiar with. The student will learn about archival processes as well as how to complement and transform images, interviews, and archival material into a narrative book/exhibition.