Sacred Politics: The State and Islam in the Contemporary Middle East

Religion/Political Science/Middle Eastern Studies

The student will help with bibliographical research, as well as with reading parliamentary debates/legal texts in Arabic and locating specific themes in these debates. Fluency in Arabic, as well as good knowledge of Middle Eastern history is required. Additionally, I am looking for a student versed in data extraction and collection (e.g., surveys, demographic and socio-economic data, etc.) and statistical analysis. Some sources will be in Arabic, and it would be helpful if the student is fluent. Of course, if the student is able to handle both types of tasks, that would be optimal.

The student's participation will help me make more rapid progress in my research and help conceptualize it.

The student will benefit by learning about religion and politics since the 1920s in Egypt and Tunisia, as well as in the rest of the Middle East. He or she will be exposed to and work on a wide variety of social science methods and ideas.