Screen Typecasting and Lumen

Film/Visual Art/Philosophy

I will be addressing a series of interconnected questions on "animality-cinemality-criminality," involving engagement with film professionals and researchers relative to actors' screen roles and their casting, exploring the relationship between appearance, measurement, and typecasting. I will also be developing script-based ideas for a planned feature-length film currently in development, investigating archives accounting for various forms of mis-observation and apparitions on other life-worlds, accessing various materials to inform and incorporate into the project.

A research partner could help me in searching for and making connections with film professionals (casting directors/actors), particularly in Los Angeles, possibly also contacting film industry casting directors. I will also be attempting to source actors for "readings" and need assistance with this process, as well as looking for possible locations for film shoots and generating art work. Location scouting will include making contact with zoos and animal conservation centers in the area, with a view to discussing the potential for establishing a "living diorama" film shoot whilst I am in situ at Radcliffe-Harvard Film Study Center. This could involve some production management work if I assemble a film crew during the fellowship period.

I am looking for someone willing to help take initiative (including directly contacting people on behalf of the project). Ideally the student will be able to source, contact, and establish suitable links/research sources on the project's behalf (both within Harvard and elsewhere), enabling progress to be made, experimentation to take place, and goals to be achieved. Consequently, a research partner will enable the project to have more scope and potential, relative to developing potential film finance and partnerships. My work thrives on discussion and thoughtful participation, and I would benefit from a research partner becoming integral to this process, someone with whom I can talk and share ideas and developments.

I require versatility, flexibility, and commitment to my working method and interdisciplinarity. The student will gain a privileged understanding on how I establish projects using a genuinely cinematic and philosophical methodology. For a student interested in film, text, art, poetics, archive, screen-experimentation, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, it could be an interesting process to engage with relative to initiatives and developments around the genesis of a film project.