Stealth Histories of Black Radicalism and Political Incarceration

Black Studies/Criminalization, Policing and Imprisonment/Social Movements/Counterinsurgency

I am conducting historical research on the political thought and activism of incarcerated Blackmen in the 1970s including members of the Black Panther Party and other leftist political formations. Tasks may include interview transcription and annotation, archival document acquisition and analysis, database and microfilm research of newspapers, historical research online and in the library, tracking down potential interview subjects, and locating archives through phone or internet searches. The student will benefit from the project by gaining valuable skills such as archival, database, and interview research. The research process will also expand the research partner's knowledge of Black studies, organizing, and state repression and help them make connections between how past struggles relate to the current socio-political climate. Research partners should have some experience with historical research and an interest in Black studies.