Tool Behavior in Humans and Other Animals

Human Evolutionary Biology/Organismic and Evolutionary Biology/Anthropology/Psychology

Why do so few animal species use tools, and how have humans become so technology-savvy? I tackle these long-standing questions by combining observational, experimental, and theoretical approaches, with a focus on two remarkable crow species that skillfully make and use foraging tools—the New Caledonian crow (since 2005) and the Hawaiian crow (since 2012).

I am looking for a research partner who is interested in helping me conduct literature research on tool behavior and related topics—with a focus on non-human primates, early hominins, and modern humans—for several forthcoming publications. This will involve reading and synthesizing findings from across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including behavioral and evolutionary ecology, primatology, evolutionary anthropology, and comparative psychology. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the background research for scientific publications.