Untitled New Play

Theater/Playwriting/Disability Studies/History of Theater/Critical Theory


I will be researching the history of disability representation in the theater as well as disability itself in the context of psychoanalysis, philosophy, anthropology, and critical theory. My research will provide the context for a creative project—a new play that thematizes disability in a progressive and innovative way. I am looking for a student with a deep interest in theater and critical thought. A preexisting interest in disability studies is a plus, but not a requirement. A research partner will likely be reading plays from the theatrical canon, reading about disability and the body, and researching adjacent subjects as well. I anticipate lots of discussion and exchange around these areas of research, and ultimately possibly some help in organizing readings of my creative work as I complete it.

The student would gain breadth of knowledge from their research, and if they are a playwright I’d be happy to read a play of theirs and talk with them about their work—they could also expect insight from me about the theater industry. The project would benefit from the student’s work by providing me with greater context for and synthesis of research than I would be able to achieve on my own, and from collaborative discussion with the student about what we are researching.