Untitled Work


This project is a series of pieces of media criticism. I am interested in collecting information on how mainstream media covers historically underprivileged groups. I aim to collect data on certain trends in language and space allocation. (I can provide an example of my previous media criticism to interested applicants.)

In this case, I will ask the research partner to collect and sort data relating to mainstream media coverage. The research partner would have the opportunity to suggest modes of analysis. Models include the work of the VIDA Count and the writer Roxane Gay. (The former tallies gender-related data about publishing; the latter has been collecting information about race/ethnicity.) I might, for example, ask the research partner to aggregate data about every issue of the Atlantic Monthly published in 2013. Working with a research partner would enable me to make much stronger statements about present trends in media coverage of minorities (especially in arts and culture). The student would be credited in these pieces, and will be able to see how I pitch and publish them.

The research partner might be an English concentrator, although this is not required. Anyone with a strong interest in literature and media would be welcome to apply. Familiarity with Excel and/or Scrivener is greatly appreciated, but not necessary. I would be very happy to talk to research partners about their own interests in fiction or nonfiction, and hope that my history as a Harvard College graduate makes me a particularly helpful resource to a student writer.