Mechanical Engineering
Biomimetics and Quantitative Biology: Conceptual Interpretation and Mathematical Modeling of the Adaptive Design Strategies in Biological Materials, Structures, and Mechanisms

“I am a mechanical engineering student. What first interested me in this Radcliffe Research Partnership was the project’s use of stochastic differential equations, which are used a lot in finance, engineering, physics, and other applied sciences. The Radcliffe Research Partnership program was a good opportunity to learn how to apply these stochastic differential equations to a real problem.

“I really enjoyed working with Lev Truskinovsky on research in an unexplored field of physical statistics and biomechanics. Before the Radcliffe Research Partnership, I had only used skills I acquired in my classes to complete problem sets or essays. It was rewarding to use my knowledge of computer science and mathematical software to contribute to Dr. Truskinovsky’s research.”—Jon Gonzales ’13