Julia Rooney '11 and Caroline Bruzelius RI '11

Architectural History
The Dead Come to Town: Preaching, Burying, and Building in the Medieval City

“As a student, I found that the Radcliffe Research Partnership integrated the interests and work I was already pursuing. Caroline’s project pointedly addressed a lot of the things I was considering for my thesis and my concentration: Italy, urban space, maps, and visual representations of space. With my concentration in fine arts and a secondary in Italian, the project felt like a perfectly fitting shoe. Caroline’s work is on the cusp of visual studies—how you represent visual space without words.”—Julia Rooney ’11

“The Radcliffe Research Partnership is a relationship in which the word ‘partner’ is perfect for describing the collaborative process of asking questions, solving problems, and moving a task forward. This program is marvelous—and quite unique, in my experience.

“Julia has expanded my imagination with the ways in which we can utilize an e-book or 3D animations to both explain historical architecture as a process and create the nonlinear digital repository of themes and data. Part of the fun throughout the Radcliffe Research Partnership was having Julia suggest new programs and technologies from her class work that could be applied to a new conceptual structure for a narrative text.”Caroline Bruzelius RI ’11