Daphne A. Brooks RI ’11

American Studies
Subterranean Blues: Black Women and Sound Subcultures—from Minstrelsy through the New Millennium

“I would highly, highly recommend the Radcliffe Research Partnership program. It’s a great way to develop a close relationship with a professor and someone in academia who can be a mentor. I loved working at the Institute, and I learned how to conduct research at a higher level. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Harvard so far.

“My work in the classroom and in the Radcliffe Research Partnership program went hand in hand. I was able to integrate what I learned from my African American literature classes with the research I conducted on African American women singers for the partnership project. For my final paper in my African American literature class, I wrote about African American music and spirituals, which was inspired by my partnership research.”—Natalie Li ’13

"Natalie Li is one of the most brilliant, hard-working, dedicated, and imaginative research assistants whom I've ever known! Her intellectual curiosity and her ability to deeply engage with the research tasks assigned to her were incredibly helpful to me during my year at the Radcliffe."Daphne A. Brooks RI ’11