Engaging Radcliffe with the World

Photo by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff PhotographerPhoto by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff Photographer
Harvard Magazine
December 17, 2018
By Oset Bab├╝r

For Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Paul professor of constitutional law and professor of history, spending a year conducting research as a Radcliffe Institute fellow during the academic year 2016–2017, when she was newly arrived at Harvard, was a unique opportunity to marry her research interests. “I am a profoundly interdisciplinary scholar,” she says. “I study law and history, and it can often be difficult to move between two distinct scholarly worlds—I certainly have felt that throughout my career. When I got to Radcliffe, it felt like home. It felt comfortable.”

In July, Brown-Nagin moved into the dean’s office at Fay House, and has since been using her new position to emphasize Radcliffe’s role as a place for members of the Harvard community to convene and collaborate with one another. Her efforts include continuing to enlarge the Radcliffe Research Partnership Program, which enables undergraduates to work with Radcliffe Institute fellows on their projects in the arts, sciences, public policy, and humanities. The program “is invaluable to the undergraduate population because it gives the students the chance to see Harvard in a more intimate setting, which is what they long for,” she says. “The students here really want to have engagement with professors and fellows in a smaller setting.” In the same vein, she is also pursuing opportunities for local high-school students to convene at Radcliffe and be mentored by undergraduates with similar academic interests.

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