A Special Issue of Radcliffe Magazine

Illustration by Calvin LaituriIllustration by Calvin Laituri
October 29, 2020

Welcome to the fall issue of Radcliffe Magazine, a collection of essays by contributors ranging from Pulitzer Prize–winning authors and journalists to artists, scholars, students, scientists, and supporters of the Institute. In the age of COVID-19, George Floyd, and another outbreak of devastating wildfires, as a polarized nation closes in on Election Day, we wanted to explore the chaos, unrest, and loss of 2020 in personal terms. Tell us what you learned, we asked Lizabeth Cohen, Junot Díaz, Linda Greenhouse, Lauren Groff, Gish Jen, Evie Shockley, and other members of the Radcliffe community. What’s changed. What’s next. We are honored and moved by the chance to share their answers. When you’re done reading, please visit the About page to share yours.

Read more at the Radclife Magazine special issue website.

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