Around the Institute | Winter 2020

Can You Match the Dog to the Fellow?
Rufus. Photo by Tony Rinaldo

The academic year at Radcliffe begins much as it does at any other institution of learning: with an orientation. At the Institute, a full day is devoted to introductions, with each incoming fellow standing before the class. Thematic connections emerge, and the year begins to take shape.

Day one of 2019–2020 was no different, but in addition to themes emerging in the fellows’ work, a theme emerged in their personal lives: many were dog owners. Devoted as the Institute is to interdisciplinary exchange, we decided to try interbreed exchange for just one day: we threw a puppy party.

Dozens of treats later, we have some gorgeous photos. It’s often said that canine companions look like their humans. (The results of one 2004 scientific study even upheld the assertion—albeit only for purebreds.) So, can you match the dog to the fellow?

1. Daniel M. Callahan


A. Doc

2. Gala Porras-Kim

B. Lincoln

3. Chanan Tigay

C. Rufus

4. Nina McConigley

E. Daisy

5. Corey Rayburn Yung

F. Moby

6. Liz Chiarello

G. Rocky

7. Jill Lepore

H. Gary

8. Edo Berger


1-C, 2-H, 3-G, 4-B, 5-F, 6-A, 7-E, 8-D

People: Photos by Tony Rinaldo 
Dogs: Photos by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute



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