Jane Kamensky. Photo by Webb ChappellJane Kamensky. Photo by Webb Chappell

A Language for Talking to Each Other

The simplest of actions—speaking, reading, walking, kneeling—became instruments of great power. And there was writing, too: frantic, percussive writing that made the tables and walls and even the windows of the room vibrate like a drum.

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Khalil Gibran Muhammad: Scholar, Library Director, Advisor

Muhammad advocates that higher-education and local institutions ought to connect more, which will sustain public engagement by providing “the kind of civic literacy we need in order to have a healthier democracy."

Brianna J. Suslovic. Photo by Kevin Grady, Radcliffe Staff PhotographerBrianna J. Suslovic. Photo by Kevin Grady, Radcliffe Staff Photographer

Exploring the Role of Nonprofits

The NARAL collection at the Schlesinger Library allowed me to make a meaningful historicized contribution to my thesis on nonprofit advocacy on behalf of sexual and reproductive agency and freedom.

Photo by Kevin Grady, Radcliffe Staff Photographer

Schlesinger Hosts Harris-Perry Visit about Equity Project

Melissa Harris-Perry—the Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University, where she is the founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Center on Gender, Race, and Politics—joined members of the Harvard community at the Schlesinger Library to talk about the Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research.

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

History and Community Spark a Culinary Venture for Council Member

“History isn’t always about what’s in the textbooks,” says Trisha Perez Kennealy. “There is so much more information out there, and that’s the beautiful thing about what happens at the Schlesinger Library.”

Photo by Kris SnibbePhoto by Kris Snibbe

Transforming a Historic Space

Lia G. Poorvu AM ’64 has established a fund to transform the Schlesinger Library’s first floor into an even more dynamic place for research, teaching, exhibition, and convening.

Writing from the Library_book covers

Writing from the Library (Spring 2016)

Three books researched at the Schlesinger Library—two biographies and a novel—have garnered a fair bit of buzz in the past few months.