Past, Present, and Future of Palestinian Health

June, 2022

Bram Peter Wispelwey, Harvard Medical School 
David M. Mills
, Harvard Medical School

The political prospects for Palestinians have never been more dire, with inevitable downstream impacts on health. While international community engagement that lacks a structural analytic approach risks exacerbating root causes of Palestinian ill health, depoliticized and humanitarian interventions remain the norm. In response to seemingly intractable structural barriers, the Radcliffe workshop seeks to contribute a broadly collaborative justice- and rights-based approach to improving and uplifting Palestinian health.

In this workshop, a small cohort of experts from a variety of backgrounds and specialties including health, human rights, law, social sciences, anthropology, history, and activism will convene to discuss and develop a critical analysis of the current state of affairs, develop consensus statements and publications on the root causes of Palestinian health, and outline a radical future vision for the health of all Palestinians.