Bunting Program
DePaul University
Kant and the Unity of Reason

After years of dedication to the study of Kant’s and Hegel’s philosophy in Italy and Germany, Angelica Nuzzo is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at DePaul University. She is well known for her studies in philosophy, in particular German Idealism. Nuzzo is a Councilor of the Hegel Society of America. Prior to teaching at DePaul University, Nuzzo was a Ricercatore at the Universita’ Dell’Aquila and an assistant visiting professor at the Universitat Heidelberg.

During her fellowship year, she will work on the manuscript entitled “Kant and the Unity of Reason.” Nuzzo’s book provides a complete systematic reconstruction of Kant’s third Critique. Its central argument is the claim that Kant establishes the unitary character of human reason as “system,” beyond the separation between theoretical and practical. The concept of “system” will allow the reader to detect the continuity between the third Critique and the further development of German philosophy.

Nuzzo completed postdoctoral work in philosophy at the Universita’ Dell’Aquila. She received her PhD in philosophy from Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, and a PhD in philosophy from Universitat Heidelberg, Germany.

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