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Mildred Londa Weisman Fellow
Independent Writer
When War Comes Home

Ann Jones, writer and photographer, wrote extensively about violence against women in the United States before turning to the situation of women exposed to both private and publicly condoned violence in war-torn countries. She wrote the first book in a series on war, Kabul in Winter (Metropolitan, 2006), while serving as an aid worker in Afghanistan. The second volume, War Is Not Over When It’s Over (Metropolitan, 2010), records what women caught in conflict zones from the Congo to Burma to Iraq have to say about war and peace. Currently, Jones is a correspondent for the Nation and

At the Radcliffe Institute, Jones will focus on a new book about the domestic costs of America’s wars, incurred when its returning soldiers bring the wars home. The damage done to warriors—and the harm they do to themselves, others, and the fabric of civil society—raises questions about the future of the increasingly militarized American empire.

Jones, who holds a PhD in English and history from the University of Wisconsin, is the author of eight books. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, here and abroad. She also serves as a gender consultant to the United Nations.

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo