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Political Science
"Climates" and "Cultures": What Feminists See When They Look at Women's Lives Inside the State

A professor of government and director of the Women’s Studies Program at Clark University, Cynthia Enloe studies the impact of state policies and politics on the lives of women throughout the world. Enloe’s most recent publication is Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives (University of California Press, 2000). Her classic Bananas, Beaches, and Bases will be released in a new edition in 2001. In addition to these books, she has published on the topics of sexual politics at the end of the Cold War, the militarization of women’s lives, and ethnicity and the military.

Enloe’s project, ”‘Climates’ and ‘Cultures’: What Feminists See When They Look at Women’s Lives Inside the State,” will examine the lives of women within the state from a feminist perspective.

Enloe received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She was an instructor of political science at the University of California and was an associate professor of political science at Miami University. She has been teaching at Clark University since 1972. Throughout her career she has received numerous distinctions, including a Fulbright Research Grant, a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend, a visiting professorship at Wellesley College, and an Honorary Professorship of Political Science at the University of Wales.

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