Bunting Program
Boston University
Top Quark Dynamics at the Tevatron: Tracing the Origin of Mass


Particle theorist Elizabeth Simmons is an associate professor of physics at Boston University. Her research focuses on the origins of the masses of the elementary particles, which form our universe. Her research has been published in The Physical Review and Nuclear Physics.

As a Bunting Fellow, Simmons will work on a project entitled “Top Quark Dynamics at the Tevatron: Tracing the Origin of Mass.” The project is based on her recent studies of an exceptionally massive component of matter called the “top quark.”

Simmons earned her PhD in physics from Harvard University. She was recently awarded a Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education Grant from the National Science Foundation. In addition, she received an Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan through the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, a Faculty Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation, an Outstanding Junior Investigator Award from the US Department of Energy, and an American (Curie) Fellowship from the American Association of University Women.

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