Fiona Griffiths
Walter Jackson Bate Fellow
New York University
The Garden of Delights: Education, Spirituality, and Community in the Twelfth-Century Female Monastery

An assistant professor of history at New York University, Fiona Griffiths specializes in twelfth-century intellectual and religious history. Her work to date has focused on the intersection of gender, spirituality, and intellectual engagement, especially as these relate to the education of women within the monastic life.

As a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute, Griffiths will complete a book on the Hortus Deliciarum, a visual encyclopedia of twelfth-century theological knowledge that was produced at the monastery of Hohenbourg in Alsace by Herrad, the community’s abbess. The Hortus Deliciarum is a testimony to Herrad’s erudition and provides evidence that women were active participants in the intellectual climate of the twelfth-century Renaissance, despite their exclusion from the emerging universities.

After studying at the University of Toronto, Griffiths earned her PhD in medieval history at Cambridge University. There, her research was supported by the Institute of Historical Research and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

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