Murray Research Center
Florida State University
An Analytical Synthesis of Research on Gender, Race, and Ethnicity at Work


Irene Padavic, an associate professor of sociology at Florida State University, studies race- and gender-based inequality in the workplace. Her previous work includes a book published in collaboration with Barbara Reskin titled Women and Men at Work (1994), numerous articles in journals, and book and film reviews. In addition to workplace inequality, she studies the changing employment relationship, race differences in campus peer culture, and the changing nature of childcare arrangements. Padavic’s work with students earned her the 1999 Sociologists for Women in Society Mentoring Award and the Florida Board of Regents’ Community Service Award. She also received an ASA/NSF Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Award.

While at Radcliffe, her primary goal is to integrate the empirical research literatures on workplace inequalities that stem from gender and those that stem from race and ethnicity. By systematically identifying, categorizing, and theorizing about its overlap of these research streams, she plans to set an empirical agenda that she and other scholars will be able to pursue.

Padavic earned her PhD in sociology from the University of Michigan.

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