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Julie A.Buckler
Evelyn Green Davis Fellow
Harvard University
Cultural Studies
Russian Imperial Masterworks and Their Post-Histories

Julie Buckler, a professor of Slavic languages and literatures at Harvard University, is a specialist in the literature, arts, and urban social culture of imperial Russia. Her most recent book, Mapping St. Petersburg: Imperial Text and Cityscape (Princeton University Press, 2005), provides a revisionist account of this much-mythologized urban “text“ under the rubric of eclecticism.

At the Radcliffe Institute, Buckler will work on a book project that investigates major works of imperial Russian culture (text, image, and performance) as products of their original historical contexts and in terms of their ongoing life as acknowledged masterworks in Russia and the West. The diverse post-histories of these masterworks shed light on the properties of cultural exports and the fate of imperial artifacts in Soviet and post-Soviet times.

Buckler received her BA from Yale University and worked outside academia in software documentation for nearly a decade before pursuing her doctorate at Harvard University. She has spent her academic career at Harvard, as a junior professor beginning in 1996 and as a tenured member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences since 2003. She has been awarded fellowships by the American Association of University Women and the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Buckler is the author of The Literary Lorgnette: Attending Opera in Imperial Russia (Stanford University Press, 2000), which was named the Best Work of Literary and Cultural Criticism for 2000 by the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages.

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo