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Lubo TeferiKerorsa
Robert G. James Scholar at Risk Fellow
Seoul National University (South Korea)
The Challenges of Development of Intellectual Creative Works of the Oromo under Copyright Law of Ethiopia

Lubo Teferi Kerorsa has served as a lecturer in law at several universities in Ethiopia, where he has made contributions to the development and expansion of legal education. He is the founder of the legal aid office in Adama Science and Technology University, where he has also served as law department head and the director of legal matters office. He is best known for his UN voluntary services at Public Service College of Oromia for expansion of legal education to all zonal towns of Oromia region. He has authored law course teaching materials on such subjects as introduction to law, law of persons, property law, labor law, and legal profession and ethics. His research interests lie in environmental justice, ethnic conflicts, human rights, intellectual property, investment law, and legal ethics.

At Radcliffe, Kerorsa is studying the challenges faced by the Oromo people when developing intellectual creative works under Ethiopian copyright law. It is a multidisciplinary investigation that combines cultural, economic, historical, legal, and political approaches to identify and analyze factors that caused the underdevelopment of copyright industries of the Oromo. Findings from this research contribute to development of future intellectual creative works.

Lubo received LLM and LLB degrees from Addis Ababa University, in Ethiopia. He has been studying intellectual property law for a PhD degree at the Seoul National University School of Law, in South Korea. He has also attended several short-term trainings. He is certified to teach in a higher-education setting, including in eTeaching and eLearning. 

2016–2017 Radcliffe Institute Fellows

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo