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Noam D.Elkies
William Bentinck-Smith Fellow
Harvard University
Mathematics and Applied Sciences
Shimura Curve Computations

Noam D. Elkies is a professor of mathematics at Harvard University.

At Radcliffe, Elkies is computing, applying, and disseminating explicit models for Shimura curves associated to rational quaternion algebras and for the special K3 and abelian surfaces that they parametrize. The resulting data should be of interest and use in Diophantine equations.

Elkies earned a bachelor’s in mathematics and music from Columbia University and a PhD in mathematics from Harvard University. In 1996 Elkies won the World Chess Solving Championship. In recent years, he has composed more than 50 works and performed many of them at Harvard. Elkies is also a fellow at Harvard’s Lowell House and a faculty adviser to the Harvard Israel Review, and he sits on the advisory board of the Journal of Mathematics and Music.

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo