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Sam Klug

  • 2018–2019
  • Edna Newman Shapiro, Class of 1936, and Robert Newman Shapiro, Class of 1972, Graduate Student Fellow
  • Harvard University
Headshot of Sam Klug
Photo by Tony Rinaldo

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Sam Klug is a PhD candidate in history at Harvard University. His research interests include African American history, 20th-century American political and social thought, and the global history of colonialism and decolonization.

At Radcliffe, Klug is completing a dissertation that explores the influence of global decolonization on Americans’ understandings of race, political economy, and citizenship. He seeks to explain how policymakers and social scientists, as well as civil rights and Black Power activists and intellectuals, used political languages drawn from international development and anticolonial movements to rethink fundamental questions of domestic politics between the Second World War and the middle of the 1970s.

Klug received a BA with a major in history from Columbia University and an AM in history from Harvard. His research has been supported by the Rockefeller Archive Center and by Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, and Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

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