Bunting Program
Harvard University
Genetic Investigations of Biorhythmic Behavior in Hawaiian Crickets

Yvonne Parsons, a research associate at Harvard University, specializes in molecular genetics. Her research focuses on mapping and analysis of traits in both mammalian and invertebrate organisms. She has performed research on the genetics of pre-eclampsia, structural wool proteins, pigmentation, and more recently, biological rhythms, behavior, and speciations.

She will continue her research project from her 1999–2000 Bunting fellowship this year. Parsons views this project as highly necessary, for our understanding of the molecular genetics of rhythmic behavior is still in its infancy stage. The goal of the project is to “characterize the genetic variation and correlation with observable behavioral variation,” so that we can achieve a better understanding of the genetics of rhythmic behavior.

Parsons earned her PhD in molecular biology from Macquarie University. The research for her doctoral degree involved an investigation of genetic variation at certain gene loci, genetic typing of pedigreed flock animals, and linkage analysis. The research produced such notable results that the Australian Wool Research and Development Corporation provided funding for a follow-up study.

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