Friday, September 09, 2011

Students arriving at Harvard this year with smart phones in hand might not consider how students of yesteryear communicated. In 1914, a Radcliffe student would have read the following in the Red Book (Radcliffe's student handbook).

"Read the bulletin boards daily for all notices.
Look every day at the letter boards
under your initial for all notes and mail.
The letter board in Fay House is for U.S.
mail and official mail; the one in Agassiz
House is for all other notes. Students are
held responsible for all notices on the bulletin
board and official letter board."

"Messages for students are not taken at the
office telephone. Students should have their
friends call them up on the Agassiz House
telephone, Cambridge 22581″

Radcliffe College student handbooks from 1904 to 1970 were recently digitized: