Digitized Collections

Schlesinger Library digitized collections

The Schlesinger Library works to digitize materials to share them online so that access is not limited by geography.

Collections that have been digitized in their entirety include those featured below: Susan B. Anthony, Beecher-Stowe Family, Blackwell Family, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Dorothy West.

Other collections that have been fully digitized, or digitized in part, include the papers of Inez Milholland and Doris Stevens. Additionally, the audiotapes and transcripts of the Black Women’s Oral History Project and the complete run of the Women’s Journal are also digitized.

A comprehensive list of Schlesinger Library's digitized collections is available here: http://guides.library.harvard.edu/schlesinger/digital_collections.

Susan B. Anthony


Beecher-Stowe Family


Blackwell Family


Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Inez Milholland


Alice Paul


Dorothy West