Seeing Citizens: Picturing American Women’s Fight for the Vote

Seeing Citizens
August 26, 2020 to August 26, 2021

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In response to decades of sexist pictures, suffragists constructed a visual vocabulary that challenged ideas of women’s place in society, expanded notions of citizenship, and laid the foundation for modern media politics. This exhibition presents the images that leading activists wanted the public to see—and some that they wanted to hide.

Angela Davis: Freed by the People

Angela Davis: Freed by the People
September 20, 2019 to March 9, 2020

Angela Davis's work asks questions that stem from racial oppression: Is revolution possible? Can women be emancipated? Are prisons necessary?

This exhibition documents a global history, a personal journey, and a quest for a more equitable future.

75 Stories, 75 Years: Documenting the Lives of American Women at the Schlesinger Library

Photos by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe InstitutePhotos by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute
February 5, 2018 to November 1, 2018

The 75 documents and objects in this anniversary exhibition evoke the depth and breadth of the Schlesinger Library’s holdings. They tell 75 stories—harrowing, heartbreaking, pathbreaking, brave—about American women’s lives and about the history of the library itself.

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Altered Gazes

Altered Gazes
October 2, 2017 to January 19, 2018

Altered Gazes foregrounds women as creators and consumers of countercultural content. In addition to materials from our growing collection of comics, zines, erotica and pornography, and other alternative publications, the exhibition features materials from the Ludlow Santo Domingo Collection, one of the largest gatherings of underground, alternative, and pop-culture publications in the world

Playing Fair? Title IX at 45

Photo by Toby MolenaarPhoto by Toby Molenaar
April 3, 2017 to September 16, 2017

The 45 years that Title IX has been in effect has been a period of enormous change in women’s (and men’s) lives, on and off the playing field. The women’s sports revolution is here to stay, but gender equity in education and society in general is still incomplete.

Catching the Wave: Photographs of the Women’s Movement

Photo by Bettye Lane, courtesy of Schlesinger LibraryPhoto by Bettye Lane, courtesy of Schlesinger Library
November 7, 2016 to March 17, 2017

This exhibition highlights the work of the influential feminist photographers Bettye Lane and Freda Leinwand, who captured the tumultuous era of the women’s liberation movement between the late 1960s and 1980s.

Women of the Blackwell Family

Women of the Blackwell Family
July 5, 2016 to October 21, 2016

The Blackwells were a multigenerational family of abolitionists, entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, doctors, writers, expatriates, suffrage supporters, and women’s rights activists. The family was characterized not only by their ideals, but also by strong personalities and complex relationships. This exhibition focuses on seven women of the Blackwell family from 1830 to 1950.

“A Language to Hear Myself”: Feminist Poets Speak

“A Language to Hear Myself”: Feminist Poets Speak
February 29, 2016 to June 17, 2016

“A Language to Hear Myself”: Feminist Poets Speak celebrates the ways that feminist poets fashioned words and ideas into a powerful form of personal and political expression.

Cookbooks to Treasure: Culinary Rarities from the Schlesinger Library

Detail of frontispiece from Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy, by a Lady (i.e., Hannah Glasse), circa 1790. Courtesy of Schlesinger LibraryDetail of frontispiece from Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy, by a Lady (i.e., Hannah Glasse), circa 1790. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library
December 14, 2015 to February 19, 2016

The cookbook is among the most prolifically published how-to manuals in history. As the examples in this exhibition show, ornate and valuable cookbooks have been produced since the early days of printing. Yet even very humble cookbooks acquire outsized importance when they document lost ways of life.

Corita Kent: Footnotes and Headlines

Corita Kent: Footnotes and Headlines exhibition
August 24, 2015 to December 4, 2015

Drawn from the Schlesinger Library’s collection of artist Corita Kent’s papers, letters, and images, this exhibition explores her career, artistic process, teaching, and activism.