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Carol K. Pforzheimer Student Fellowships


Carlos Agredano, ’20
“Tupperware, Value, and Mobility in Between the United States/Mexico Border”

Rebecca Araten, ’22
“Inanimate Freedoms: Fluidity for Motionless Dolls”

Nicole Araya, ’21
“Healing Through Zines: Psychological Traumas and the Politics of Mental Health” 

Martin Bernstein, ’20
“False Consciousness, American Liberalism: A Material History” 

Ian Chan, ’22
“A Critical and Creative Examination of the Poetics of Asian/American Migratory Legacy”

Madi Faber, ’22
“Women in the Kitchen: A Feminist Perspective on the Celebrity of Julia Child” 

Lauren Fadiman, ’21
“Irony as a Discursive Feminist Praxis in the Shift from Second- to Third-Wave Feminism” 

Zoe Hopkins, ’22
“Sacred Resistance: The Role of Commemorative Ritual and Loss in late 20th-Century Black Feminism” 

Heidi Lai, ’21
“Constructing the Memories and Cultural Past of a Chinese American Woman in Fiction” 

Brooke Martin, ’21
“From Suffrage Flags to Laptop Stickers: Feminism Bought and Sold in America” 

Morgan Melito, ’21
“Queering the Feminist Reproductive Justice Movement, 1965–1983”

Annie Miall, ’22
“God’s Gift of Life: Cross Cultural Comparison of Medical Missionaries in India and China” 

Nidhi Patel, ’22
“Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: Class and Cultural Considerations in the Battered Women’s Movement in the United States”

Brianna Turner, ’22
“Our Bodies Too: African American Women and the Reproductive Rights Movement in Massachusetts”

Afia Tyus, ’20
“From the Great Migration to School Lunch: Black Women, the Battle Against Food Insecurity, and the Development of Food Security Initiatives”


Jordan Villegas '20
“The New Right Review”

Gabriela Siegal '20
“The Debut of the Navel: Understanding Why the Bikini Was a Bombshell Creation”

Daniel Rosenblatt '20
“Gender, Race, and Citizenship in Early Puerto Rican Migration to New York City”


Julia Fine ‘19
“’Abominable Curry’ and the ‘Torture’ of Chilis: The Incorporation of South Asian Cuisine into the Victorian Palate”

Rebecca Dolan ‘19
“The 20th Century Women’s Magazine: Interrogating the Shift to Glossier Pages”

Jacqueline Kellogg ‘19
“Interrupting Normative Constructions of Sexuality, Gender, and Race in Public Education”

Alaina Richert ‘19
“Entering Structures of Power as the Perpetual ‘Other’”

Sarah Perlmutter ‘19
“Tales of Inheritance: A Photographic Exploration of the Schlesinger Archive”

Claire Dickson ‘19
“How to Be a Siren: Reclaiming the Tragic Songstress Myth”


Julia Belanoff ’18

“Shirley Temple: An Investigation of Her Life in Film, Politics, and Activism”

Emma City ’18
“In Their Own Words: A Comparison of Different Genres of British Women’s Suffrage Writing”

Lindiwe Makgalemele ’18

Nadya Okamoto ’20
“The Menstrual Movement: The History and Prospects of the Fight for Menstrual Equity”

Nora O’Neil ’18
“Disability and Womanhood”

Lizzy Schick ’19
“Feminism and the NAACP”

Jordan Villegas ’20
“Queering Commercial Gay Pornography: Transmasculinities and Erotics of Representation”


Karen Chee '17
“Thesis in History and Literature on Clelia Duel Mosher’s Revolutionary Sex Survey and Women’s Research, and their Effects on Scientific, Social, and Political Causes”

Tez Clark '18
“Dear Jane Crow: Understanding the Development of Race-Sex Analogy in Pauli Murray's Epistolary Writings from a Philosophical Perspective”

Dana Ferrante '17
“Regional yet National: Neapolitan Cuisine before, after, and within Artusi's La Scienza in Cucina”

Jessica Founier '17
“Dreaming Beyond the Law: Examining Feminist Community-Based Responses to Gender Violence in Historical Context”

Kirin Gupta '16
“Sisters in Service: The Rhetoric of Service and Solidarity in Sister Soldier Recipient Letters of Thanks and Personal Donations”

Kevin O’Donnell '17
“Abolitionists at War: James and Frances Beecher's Role in the Freedmen's Bureau”

Auguste Roc '17
“The Politics of Black Female Rappers in Hip Hop through the Lens of Black Feminist Theorists in a Deindustrializing New York City (1985–2010)”

Erin Shortell '17
“The Poor Neurotic: 1960s Liberal Feminism and Mental Illness”

Jordan Weiers '16
“The Dazzlingly Progressive Military: Military Multiculturalism and Sister Soldier”


Megan Jones ’16
“Poetry is Not a Luxury: The Centrality of Print Culture to Black Feminism, 1970–1983”
*Also received the Elizabeth A. Nicholson Undergraduate Award

Brianna Suslovic ’16
“Productive Tensions: Historicized Interactions between Abortion Activists and Medical Professionals”

Magdalene Zier ’16
“Privatizing and Protesting the Spectacle: Lynching Plays by African American Women, 1900–1930”


Diane Brinkley '15
"Pornography in the Public and Private Spheres"
*Also received the Elizabeth A. Nicholson Undergraduate Award

Grace Chen '15
"'Easy' and 'Exotic': The Familiar and the Foreign in Grace Zia Chu’s Cookbooks"

Kristin Holladay '15
"Suffrage and Sanity: The Political Pathologizing of Alice Paul and the National Woman’s Party"
Also received the Elizabeth A. Nicholson Undergraduate Award

Ivel Posada '14
"Amending the Sacred Charter: An Analysis of NOW’s Rhetorical Strategies in the Campaign for the ERA, 1970–1982"
*Also received the Elizabeth A. Nicholson Undergraduate Award

Indiana Seresin '15
"Radical Doulas and Reproductive Justice Activism: An Emerging Movement"

Cynthia Shih '15
"Childhood Obesity in the Cafeteria: How School Food Environments Shaped the Bodies of America’s Youth"

Seyedehfatemeh Delaram Takyar '15
"Political Participation of Middle Eastern Immigrants in the Post 9-11 Era"

Lyla Wasz-Piper '15
"Genital Normalizing Surgeries on Intersex Infants: Current State of Affairs" 

*The Elizabeth A. Nicholson Undergraduate Award is awarded in honor of Elizabeth A. Nicholson '79 to the most deserving undergraduate proposals.

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Research Support Grants


Diana Anselmo
, Georgia State University
“The First Lovers: Girls’ Personal Archives and Queer Fan Reception in Early Hollywood”

Tanya Clement, University of Texas at Austin
“Anne Sexton Listening to Anne Sexton”

Charles Davis II, SUNY Buffalo
“The Black Writer as Architect: A Revisionist History of Postwar Architectural Utopianism” 

Erika Doss, University of Notre Dame
“Sister Corita Kent and Andy Warhol: Rethinking Influence” 

Linda Gordon, NYU (emerita)
“Conflict and Coalition in the Boston Women's Liberation Movement: Bread and Roses and the Combahee River Collective” 

Sarah Milov, University of Virginia
“Shrill Alarm: Gender and Whistleblowing in Modern America” 

Rebecca Sheehan, Macquarie University, Australia
“Manufacturing Sexual Consent: Embodied Experience, Feminist Theory, and Public Discourse, 1960–Present” 

Emily Skidmore, Texas Tech University
“Breast is Best?: The Long Debate Over Infant Feeding”

Kristen Swinth, Fordham University
“The Rise of the Working Family: A Story of Promise, Peril, and Working Mothers at the Breaking Point, 1975–2025”

Kara Vuic, Texas Christian University
“Drafting Women”

Carolyn Weber, University of Northern Iowa
“The American School Peace League and the Writing of a Course in Citizenship, 1908–1914” 

*Research Support grants were awarded this year on an honorary basis only.


Elizabeth Groeneveld, Old Dominion University
“Embodying Lesbianism: How 1980s Lesbian-Made Pornography Reimagined Sex and Power”

Patrick McKelvey, University of Pittsburgh
“Crip Enterprise: Disability Goes to Work in US Performance”

Christa Kuljian, Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
“Ruth Hubbard’s Impact on Sexism in Science”

Myrna Sheldon, Ohio University
“The Ontology of a Mixed-Race Woman”

Amy Farrell, Dickinson College
“Girl Scouts of the USA: Democracy, Sisterhood, and Empire”

Brianna Theobald, University of Rochester
“Safe Haven: Feminisms and the Domestic Violence Movement”

Lauren Gutterman, University of Texas at Austin
“‘We Could Become Warriors’: Lesbians and the Incest Survivors’ Movement, 1979–1992”


Meta DuEwa Jones, University of North Carolina
“Black Women’s Literature and Art as Alchemy: Ekphrasis and Diaspora Memory in June Jordan, Pauli Murray, Shirley Graham DuBois”

Alison Kibler, Franklin and Marshall College
“Bringing Feminism to the Airwaves: Feminist Television Reform in the 1970s”

Vera Kallenberg, Vanderbilt University
“Gerda Lerner and the Creation of Women’s History: An Intellectual History”

Elise Smith, University of Warwick
“Love is Blue: Medical Romance in Historical Context”

Jon Coburn, Newcastle University
“Pacifism, Feminism, and Women’s Peace Encampments during the 1980s”

Maria Cristina Iuli, Università del Piemonte Orientale
“Revolutionary Poetics and Pedagogies in Transatlantic Perspective”

Maxine Craig, University of California, Davis
“My Daughter Needs Braces: The Making of a New Normal”

Benjamin Waterhouse, University of North Carolina
“Home-Based Business and Women’s Entrepreneurship, 1980–2010

Michele Cornell, Kent State University
“Romanticizing Patriarchy: Patriotic Romance and American Military Marriages during World War II”

Jenna Tonn, Boston College
“Radical Feminist Biology: From the Laboratory to the Streets in the Postwar United States”

Julia Mickenberg, University of Texas at Austin
“’The Way We Were’: Eve Merriam, Feminist Nostalgia, and Child Liberation”

Samira Mehta, Albright College
“God Bless the Pill: Contraception, Sexuality, and American Religion”

Chiara Bonfiglioli, University College Cork
“Women’s Transnational Activism and Cold War Imaginaries of Citizenship”

Robin Jensen, University of Utah
“The Sex in the Science: Women Shaping the Trajectory of Fertility Studies”

Paula Michaels, Monash University
“Trauma and Birth: A 20th-Century History”

Mary Anne Hunting, Vanderbilt University
“Modernism’s Women Architects”

Ellen Wayland-Smith, University of Southern California
“The Queen of Madison Avenue: How a Mid-Century Ad Lady Taught Women What to Want and How to Get It”

Valerie Scoon, Florida State University
“229 Arch Street: Women Physicians and Women’s Rights”


Julie E. Dowsett
, York University (Canada)
“Doris Fleischman Bernays and the History of ‘Commodity Feminist’ Marketing”

Marlin Kann, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
“US History Document Reader”

Jen Manion, Amherst College
“Born in the Wrong Time: Transgender Archives and the History of Possibility”

Lina Maria Murillo, University of Texas at El Paso
“Birth Control in the Borderlands: Race, Gender, and Class in the Making of a Movement, 1937–1973”

Carol Quirke, SUNY Old Westbury
“The Eye of the Storm: Bettye Lane, Photojournalism, and the Women’s Movement, 1969–1981”

Kylie Smith, Emory University
“Separate and Unequal: Race, Gender, and Mental Health in the American South”

Zoe Thomas, University of Birmingham
“Collaborating Couples: Intimacy, Power, and Work in Britain and North America, c. 1850–1950”

Marcy Whitebook, University of California, Berkeley
“Necessary Evil or Public Good: The Origins of the Contemporary Child Care and Early Education Debate in the United States”

M. Wright, Texas State University
“ReSISTERS: Activating Archives from the Lesbian and Women’s Liberation Movements of the 1960s through the 1980s”


Rachel Cleves, University of Victoria (Australia)
“Parmesan and Pleasure: A History of Food and Sex”

Emily Conroy-Krutz, Michigan State University
“Elizabeth Pierce and Benevolent Womanhood: Evangelical Women in Transatlantic Reform through 1840”

Corinne Field, University of Virginia
“The Mother of the Race and Modern Girls: Racial Prejudice and Generational Conflict in the US Women's Rights Movement, 1870–1920”

Laura Hartmann, Northeastern University
“Frances Davis: The Extraordinary Life of the Only American Woman Journalist in Nationalist Spain”

April Merleaux, Florida International University
“The Gender Politics of Risk in Women's Environmental Activism of the 1970s–1980s”

Ben Miller, Independent Scholar
“My Aunt: Chemist, Black Belt, Plaintiff (book chapter); Year of Discovery: Essay as Sculpture or ENTICEMENT TO ACTION”

Julia Sattler, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany
“’Freedom Is Indivisible’: June Jordan and Global Feminisms”

Jamie Schultz, Pennsylvania State University
“In the Running: WEAL's Athletic Advocacy”

Barbara Welke, University of Minnesota
“The Course of a Life”


Diana Anselmo-Sequeira, University of Pittsburgh
“Paper Voices: A History of Female Adolescence Told by Girls’ Scrapbooks, Letters, and Diaries, 1880–1920”

Sarah Bridger, California Polytechnic State University
“Organizing Principles: Women’s Activism in STEM Fields in the 1960s and 1970s”

Lynda Dodd, City College City University of New York
“Sisterhood of Struggle: Alice Paul, the National Woman’s Party, and the Radical Campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment”

Joseph Hower, University Texas at Austin, and Southwestern University
“You’ve Come a Long Way—Maybe: Pay Equity, Public Workers, and the Transformation of the American Labor Movement, 1972–1985”

John Hyland, Haverford College
"In the Groove: Sounding out Radical Black Feminism"

Joyce M. Latham, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
“ 'Harassed and Intimidated': The Sexually Explicit in the Public Sphere"

Connie Shemo, State University of New York at Plattsburgh
“ ‘An Honorable Profession for Women’: American Missionary Medical Education for Chinese Women in China, 1879–1949”

Koichiro Shigaki, Tohoku University
“Reevaluating the Philosophy of Frieda Hennock on Promoting Educational Broadcasting: Implications for Media’s Role in a Society with Diverse Cultures”

Marianne Sullivan, William Paterson University
“Harriet Hardy and the Science, Policy, and Politics of Occupational and Environmental Health”

Katherine Turk, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Toward True Equality Now: The National Organization for Women and the Fate of the American Left”

M. Genevieve West, Texas Woman’s University
“Reassessing Marita Bonner’s Legacy”


Tori Barnes-Brus, Cornell College
"'Saviour of Her Sex': Lydia E. Pinkham Patent Medicine Company and the Construction of Female Health"

Meredith Chilton, Independent Scholar
"The Emergence of Informal and Private Dining in the 17th- and 18th-Century Europe"

Ariel Dougherty, Independent Scholar
"Feminist Filming within Communities"

Diane B. Friedman, Marian University, School of Nursing
"Neuroscience in Popular Early Films: Dark Victory and World War I"

Jeffrey Gonda, Syracuse University
"'No Crystal Stair': Black Women and Civil Rights Law in Postwar America"

Che Gosett, Independent Scholar
"'My Dungeon Shook': Legacies of Black Queer Solidarity with Palestinian Struggle in a Time of Pinkwashing, Homonationalism, and Carceral Regimes"

Dorene Isenberg, University of Redlands
"The Development of Women’s Credit Worthiness: The 1970s"

Shelah Gilbert Leader, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
"Forging a Feminist Consensus"
*Also, received the Joan R. Challinor Award

Irene Lusztig, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Our Feminisms, Ourselves: Performing Ms. Magazine, 1972–1980"
*Also received the Joan R. Challinor Award

Michelle Moravec, Rosemont College
"The Politics of Women’s Culture"

G. Kurt Piehler, Florida State University
"The Religious History of American GI in World War II"

Margaret Talbot, Independent Researcher
"Jailbirds: The Final Push for Women’s Suffrage"

*The Joan R. Challinor Award is given to deserving and relevant applicants for research at the Schlesinger Library in the area of, but not limited to, women/gender and Catholicism, national government, journalism, and libraries.

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Dissertation Grants


Quin Anex-Ries
, University of Southern California
“Normalizing Sex: Technology, Race, and Sex Panics in the US, 1960–1999” 

Jeanne Boiteux, Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle (Paris 3)
“Earning Wages, Funding Social Reform: The Case of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union of Boston (1877–1929)” 

Serena Covkin, University of Chicago
“Armed for Citizenship: War and Women's Rights in 20th-Century America”

Kate Grover, The University of Texas at Austin
“Amplified Activists: Feminist Responses to the Modern American Music Industry” 

Megann Licskai, Yale University
“Pro-Life Science: The Production and Circulation of Reproductive Knowledge in the American Pro-Life Movement, 1968–2003” 

Grace London, Auburn University
“Mothers of the Movement: Black Women's Intellectual Contributions to the Long Civil Rights Movement”

Helen Orita, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“‘I Haven't Got It All Figured Out Just Yet’: The Emergence and Impact of Post-Feminist Teen Music in the US (1992–2003)”

Leah Samples, University of Pennsylvania
“SEE: State, Science, and Sightlessness in New Deal America and Beyond, 1920s to the late 1960s” 

Angela Tate, Northwestern University
“‘That’s What A Song Can Do’: Etta Moten Barnett, Black Chicago, and Performing the Global Freedom Struggle, 1920–1990” 

Kwelina Thompson, Cornell University
“Bright Masters: The Transformation of Gender, Work, and Management from the New Deal to the New Economy”


Rong Li, Rutgers University
“Shared Past, Discordant Memories: American and Chinese Remembrance of the US World War II Military Presence in China since the 1940s”

Katherine Hysmith, University of North Carolina
“#foodherstory: A History of Technologies of American Feminist Food Resistance”

Sarah Lerner, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Honorable Women: Mediating Justice after Feminism”

Mia Michael, Boston College
“Caring for the Commonwealth: Domestic Work and Workers’ Organizing in Boston, Massachusetts, 1960–2015”

Joanna Wood, University of Sussex
“Women and the History of International Thought in the US Academy, 1919–1959”


Jaclyn Schultz, University of Southern California
“Learning the Values of a Dollar: Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the US, 1825–1900”

Allison Schwartz, University of Minnesota
“Banking on a Woman’s Worth: Personhood and the New Patriarchy of Debt, 1961–2008”

Molly Brookfield, University of Michigan
“Watching the Girls Go By: Citizenship and Sexual Harassment in the American Street, 1850–1980”

Emma Day, University of Oxford
“Out of the Silence: Women Protesting the AIDS Epidemic, 1980–2017”

Traci I. Langworthy, Penn State Harrisburg
“Queens of the Platform: Women Speakers on the Popular Lecture Circuit, 1850–1890”

Amanda Mixon, University of California, Irvine
“Queerer, My God, to Thee: The 20th-Century White Southern Lesbian Writers and Anti-racist Praxis”

Ashley Ruderman, University of Kentucky
“Toward a Penology of Punishment: The Lavender Scare, Sexology, and the Ousting of Miriam Van Waters”

Kate Grauvogel, Indiana University
“A Gendered History of Pathology: Women, Hormones, and Blood Clots, 1784–1969”

Taryn Jordan, Emory University
“A Peculiar Sense: A Feminist Genealogy of Black Soul”


Desiree Abu-Odeh
, Columbia University
“The Sexual Violence Problem and Antiviolence Work on American College Campuses, 1950– 2000”

Chris Babits, University of Texas at Austin
“To Cure a Sinful Nation: A Cultural History of Conversion Therapy and the Making of Modern America, 1930 to the Present”

Rachel Corbman, Stony Brook University
“Feminist Conference Archive: The Intellectual and Infrastructural History of Women’s Studies”

Saúl Espino Armendáriz, El Colegio de México
“Catholic Feminism in Mexico (c. 1965–1990): A Transnational Approach”

Brianna Nofil, Columbia University
“Gender, Community Policing, and Crime Control in the Late 20th Century.”

SaraEllen Strongman, University of Pennsylvania
“The Sisterhood: Black Women, Black Feminism, and the Women's Liberation Movement”

Dustin Valen, McGill University (Canada)
“Maritime by Design: Modernity and the Social Politics of Landscape Design in Newfoundland, 1898–1939”

Marama Whyte, University of Sydney (Australia)
“Women Making Headlines: Title VII Sex and Race Discrimination Cases within the US Mainstream Media, 1965–1980”


David Busch, Carnegie Mellon University
“From Political Activists to Soup Kitchen Volunteers: The Emergence and Transformation of Community Service Learning in American Higher Education, 1945–1990”

Rachel Fabian, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Collectivity and Its Discontents: Transnational Figurations of 1970–1980s Collective Media Making and Activist Affects”

Mary Freeman, Colombia University
“Letter Writing and Politics in the Campaign Against Slavery in the United States, 1830–1870”

Justina Licata, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
“The Life and Death of Norplant: How Feminists and Class Action Lawyers Brought Down the Most Promising Contraceptive Device in Decades”

Brooke Lober, University of Arizona
“Betty Friedan and Adrienne Rich: Dissertation Research Support for ‘Conflict and Alliance in the Struggle': Feminist Anti-Imperialism, Palestine Solidarity, and the US Jewish Feminist Movement of the Late 20th Century’"

Sabina Peck, University of Leeds, (United Kingdom)
“Rethinking 'Success' and 'Failure': Multiracial Activism the Second Wave of Feminism in the USA”

Samantha Presnal, New York University
“Beyond the Foyer: How French Cuisinières Modernized Domestic Cuisine and Made Private Cooking a Public Affair, 1881–1914”

Sandy Placido, Harvard University
"A Global Vision: Dr. Ana Livia Cordero and the Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle, 1931–1992"

Conor Tomas Reed, City University of New York
“CUNY Will Be Free: Movement Composition, Literatures, and Pedagogies at the City College of New York 1960–1980”


Jesse Bayker, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
“Before Transsexuality: Crossing the Borders of Gender in the United States, 1850–1960”

Meaghan Beadle, University of Virginia
“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and Feminism, 1968–1987”

Christa Anne Bentley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Modern Day Troubadours: The Politics of the Singer-Songwriter Movement in Los Angeles, 1968–1975”

Julia Bowes, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
“The Government of the Family: The Child, the Growth of the State, and the Remaking of Patriarchal Authority, 1850–1930”

Adam Hilton, York University (Canada)
“Democratizing Pluralism: The New Politics Movement and the Reform of the Democratic Party, 1968–1978”

Mookie Kideckel, Columbia University
“When Food Became Natural: Industrial Food Culture and the Marketing of Reform”

Lauren Meyer, Yale University
“Defending Black Womanhood: African American Women Lawyers from Reconstruction to Civil Rights”

Wangui Muigai, Princeton University
“An Awful Gladness: Race and Infant Mortality from Slavery to the Great Migration”

Jessica Parr, University of New South Wales (Australia)
“Obesity and the Emergence of a Self Help–Styled Group Movement for Weight Loss in the Postwar United States of America”

Anne Röhl, University of Zurich (Switzerland)
“Text and Texture: Gendered Discourses of Textiles in Art Since 1965”


Stephanie Boland, University of Exeter
"Cooking The Books: Genre and Culture in the Modernist Cookbook"

Jenifer Dodd, Vanderbilt University
"Psychiatric and Feminist Theories of Rape, 1970–1990"

Kristen Gaylord, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
"'Infiltrate the Masses': Immaculate Heart College and Corita Kent in the 1960s"
+Also received the Joan R. Challinor Award

Deneil Hill, Binghamton University
"Shifting Feminism Visions at the UN: Self-Determination, Sexuality, and Human Rights, 1975–1995"
+Also, received the Joan R. Challinor Award

Charlotte Jeffries, University of Cambridge
"The Emergence of a National Consensus on Teenage Female Sexuality in the United States, 1981–2008"

Bryan Knapp, Brown University
"'Capitalism Begins at the Mother’s Breast': The Nestle Boycott and the Global Growth of Infants, Nations, and Economies, 1970–1988"

Assata Sankofa Kokayi, Northwestern University
"Insurgent Wave: The Ideological Development of Radical Black Feminisms in the United States, 1968–1988"
*Also received the Alice Stone Blackwell Award

Joe Ryan-Hume, The University of Glasgow
"Standing in Reagan’s Shadow: Liberal Strategies in a Conservative Age"
+Also received the Joan R. Challinor Award

Roxanne Samer, University of Southern California
"Receiving Feminisms: Toward a Media Archaeology of Lesbian Possibility "

Monica Steinberg, City University of New York
"Finish Fetish: Art, Artists, and Alter Egos in Los Angeles of the 1960s"

Jessica Waggoner, Indiana University
"Crip Modernisms: Unspectacular Disability in the US 1930s and '40s"

Ashley Rose Young, Duke University
"Nourishing Networks: Provisioning Southern Cities in the Atlantic World, 1840–1905"

*The Alice Stone Blackwell Award is for research supporting the promotion of equal rights for women, with emphasis on the empowerment of women in their societies around the world, consistent with the life and accomplishments of the woman it honors.

+The Joan R. Challinor Award is given to deserving and relevant applicants for research at the Schlesinger Library in the area of, but not limited to, women/gender and Catholicism, national government, journalism, and libraries.

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Oral History Grants


Alice Abarbanel
, Independent Researcher, sponsored by the Radcliffe Club of San Francisco
“Radcliffe College Alumnae Oral History Project”

Elvis Bakaitis, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
“Tracing a Lineage of the Women in Print Movement: Bluestockings Bookstore” 

Desiree Evans, University of Texas at Austin
“The Stories Never Left the Land” 

Deborah Streahle, Yale University
“Women-Led Death Care from 1980–2015”

*Oral History grants were awarded this year on an honorary basis only.


Ida Jones, Morgan State University
“African American Women in the 21st Century: HBCU Scholars and Academics”

Sara Jordeno, Rhode Island School of Design
“Sex Worker Advocacy in the Age of Anti-trafficking: COYOTE, 2000–2020”

Chris Babits, University of Texas at Austin
“Women, Gender, and Conversion Therapy in the United States”


Mireille Miller-Young, University of California, Santa Barbara
“The Sex Worker Oral History Project”

Janee Moses, University of Michigan
“’And that’s the way it was planned’: Toward a History of Post-war Black Girlhood”

Anna Danielle Dulken, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Sovereign Bodies: Reproductive Entanglements of Person and Place in Southern Appalachia”

Andrew Pope, Harvard University
“Living in the Struggle: Black Power, Gay Liberation, and Women’s Liberation Movements in Atlanta, 1964–1966”

Alice Hou, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
“Paving the Way: Oral History of Asian American Women”


Elizabeth Castle
, Denison University
“Akicita Winyan (Warrior Women) of Standing Rock”

Rachel Gelfand, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Queer Intergeneration: Mourning, Memory, and Method”

Holly Genovese, Temple University
“‘My Soul Still Cries’: Race and Prisoner Rights Organizing in New Orleans, 1911–2017”

Mary McNeil, Harvard University
“Dialoguing across Differences: Boston Black Power and Black Feminist Women, 1966–1980”


Carrie Brave Heart, Colombia University
“Agnes T. ‘Mary’ Crawler (Ta-sina-mani-win) Native American Warrior Woman”

Catherine Jacquet, Louisiana State University
“From Private Matter to Public Health Crisis: Nursing and the Intervention into Domestic Violence”

Amanda Littauer, Gender & Sexuality Studies
“Queer Youth: Gender and Desire in 20th-Century North America”

Susan Schmidt Horning, St. John’s University
“Garage Girls Around the World: An Oral History of All-Girl Rock Bands of the 1960s”


Aaron Byungjoo Bae, Arizona State University
“The Ideological Impetus and Struggle in Praxis for Multiracial Radical Alliances in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1967–1980”

Jennifer Carcamo, UCLA Center for Oral History Research
“The Eternally Undocumented: Youth and Women in the Los Angeles Immigrant Rights Movement”

Sarah Kristin Loose and Adriana Lopez, Independent Scholars
“Amamantar y Migrar: The Impacts of Migration on Infant Feeding Practices”

Christine Reiser Robbins, Texas A&M University–Kingsville, and Mark Robbins, Del Mar College
“Recording the Voices of Women in South Texas Hispanic Farm Labor Communities, 1930–2000”

Rachel F. Seidman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Talking Back: An Oral History of Feminism in the Digital Age”

Sara Wood and John T. Edge, the University of Mississippi
“Cut It Clean: Women Oyster Shuckers of Chesapeake Bay”


Kythe Heller, Harvard University
"A Media Archeology of Mystical Islam: Female Sufis of the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship in America"

Abbie Reese, Independent Scholar
"Young Nuns: Discerning Religious Life in the 21st Century"

Jaime Schultz, Pennsylvania State University
"Women Marathoners in the Age of Rebellion, 1959–1972"

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Teacher Support Grants


Casey Andrews, TechBoston Academy
“Investigating Feminist Poetics and Representations of the Body” 

Meighan Bannon, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School
“A Representative and Critical AP Literature Curriculum”

Ryan Stough, Legacy High School, Los Angeles Unified School District
“Incorporating Culturally Relevant Primary Primary Sources in the A.P. Curriculum” 

Carolyn Streets, Engineering Science University Magnet School
“Girl Power! Female Heroines in Novel Study”


Andrew McNally, Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
“Feminist Rhetorics Project”

Bonnie Belshe, Monta Vista High School
“Whose Feminism? Comparing First and Second Wave Feminism for Black and White Women”

Marlin Kann, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
“Schlesinger Miniature Archive: Curriculum Development”

Brian Sheehy, North Andover High School
“Women in Sports Curriculum Unit”

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