Shaun Vigil '11 and Mignon Nixon RI '11

Contemporary Art History
"Sperm Bomb": Art, Feminism, and the American War in Vietnam

“The Radcliffe Research Partnership was the best job I could have possibly asked for. I had the opportunity to work closely with a scholar, and I really made an impact on the outcome of the project. I was able not only to learn about a new field that I haven’t had an opportunity to explore, but also to form a strong business and personal relationship with a scholar in academia.

“The Radcliffe Research Partnership provided me with incredible academic resources. As a senior writing my thesis on a visual medium, I worked with an established scholar on visual literature research methods. Mignon used her training in a wide variety of art histories to refine my eye for analyzing visual media. The process of working so closely with someone so knowledgeable was intriguing, fun, and exciting.”—Shaun Vigil ’11

“The Radcliffe Research Partnership is a unique aspect of the Fellowship Program at the Radcliffe Institute. Working with Shaun, a history and literature concentrator with a special interest in gender and mass culture, gave me a fresh perspective on the book I am writing on feminist artists’ responses to the American war in Vietnam. The undergraduate research partnership was the pièce de résistance of my experience at the Institute.”Mignon Nixon RI ’11