Sophie LeGros '12 and Abigail English RI '11

Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Adolescents: Health, Law, and Human Rights

“This is my third year with the Radcliffe Research Partnership program. The hours are flexible, and it’s a great experience to work on a project that matches my interests. The research I conducted will give me a leg up because it’s relevant to the career I wish to pursue in international development or humanitarian aid.

“It’s a unique experience to work with fellows to understand what they are investigating and how they conduct research, as well as learn about a topic in a way that is very different than inside the classroom.”—Sophie LeGros ’12

“The students who worked with me through the Radcliffe Research Partnership program were extraordinarily talented. It was a pleasure for me to be able to discuss ideas that were in formation and evolving. Because Sophie was a philosophy major, we were exploring the issue of evil and how it relates to the broader subject of sexual exploitation and trafficking. To have someone who was currently studying philosophy—when I studied it so long ago—was really helpful and made a big contribution to the project.”Abigail English RI ’11