Why Books? | Circulation and Transmission

October 29, 2010
Why Books Circulation and Transmission video still

With Isabel Hofmeyr and Meredith L. McGill; moderated by David D. Hall

Why Books? | Reception and Use and Closing Remarks

October 29, 2010
Why Books? Reception and Use panel and Closing Remarks video still

Panel discussion with Paul Duguid and Elizabeth Long; moderated by Homi K. Bhabha RI '05

Closing Remarks and Discussion by Charles E. Rosenberg and Peter Stallybrass

Why Books? | Welcome Remarks and Opening Conversation

October 29, 2010
Ann Blair and Leah Price, Why Books conference video still

Organized by Leah Price ’91, RI ’07, Professor of English, Harvard College Professor, and Senior Advisor in the Humanities at the Radcliffe Institute, and Ann Blair ’84, BI ’99, Henry Charles Lea Professor of History and Harvard College Professor, “Why Books?” probes the form and function of the book in a rapidly changing media ecology. Speakers from a variety of disciplines—literature and history to sociology and computer science—discuss the public-policy implications of new media forms and explore some of the major functions that we identify with books today: production and diffusion; storage and retrieval; and reception and use.

Research Partnerships for Harvard Students

August 3, 2010

Through the Radcliffe Research Partnership program, Harvard undergraduates work closely with fellows at the Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program on projects that mirror the interdisciplinary nature of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Junior and senior research partners describe their rich experiences in the program. 

Raising Renee: Jeanne Jordan and Beverly McIver

October 8, 2009
Tenth anniversary video still

On February 22, 2012, HBO broadcasted the documentary film, Raising Renee, the result of a collaboration between two Radcliffe Institute fellows, filmmaker Jeanne Jordan BI '93 RI '03 and artist Beverly McIver RI '03. In this presentation and panel discussion from Radcliffe Institute's tenth anniversary event, "Celebrate 10 Years! Crossing Boundaries at the Radcliffe Institute," McIver and Jordan discuss their collaboration.