Dava Sobel | A Woman's Place at the Harvard Observatory

May 3, 2017
Dave Sobel, A Woman's Place at the Harvard Observatory

The acclaimed author of Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time (Walker, 1995), Dava Sobel speaks about her new book, The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars (Viking, 2016), which tells the story of the women who worked at the Harvard College Observatory from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s.

A Schlesinger Library Event
This is a 2016–2017 Kim and Judy Davis Dean's Lecture

Zaid Jabri | Chamber Music

May 3, 2017
Zaid Jabri, Chamber Music

As part of the 2016–2017 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Zaid Jabri RI ’17 presents "Chamber Music," a collection of compositions from 2008 to 2016.

(0:12) Glyptos 2 (2010) for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, piano, double bass, and tape
Commissioned by Brunel University London and premiered during the inaugural concert for the Institute for Contemporary Middle Eastern Music 

(8:40) Fluctus (2016)* for oud, bass clarinet, and string quartet
Commissioned by the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble (ECME) and premiered during the Heritage and Modernity festival in Cairo, Egypt

(23:22) Solo for Cello (2012)
Commissioned by Athil Hamdan

(31:40) Variations on (r)Evolution (2016)* for mezzo soprano, violin, and piano
Text by Yvette Christianse; premiered at the Beethovenfest Bonn, in Germany 

(45:17) In Memoriam Solhi Al Wadi (2008) for clarinet, string quintet, and tape
Commissioned by the Syrian Trust for Development and premiered by the Damascus Festival Chamber Players at the Damascus Opera House in Damascus, Syria 

Jabri is the 2016–2017 Rieman and Baketel Fellow for Music at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

*USA Premiere

Game Changers | 2 of 4 | Gender, Sports, and Health/Wellness

May 1, 2017
Game Changers, 2 of 4, Gender, Sports, and Health/Wellness


Brian Hainline (6:34), senior vice president, Sports Science Institute; chief medical officer, National Collegiate Athletic Association; clinical professor of neurology, NYU School of Medicine and Indiana University School of Medicine

Travis T. Tygart (20:42), chief executive officer, US Anti-Doping Agency

Parissa Safai (37:55), associate professor, Faculty of Health, York University

Moderated by Cheri A. Blauwet (1:09), assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital; 2004 Paralympic gold medalist (800m, track and field)


AUDIENCE Q&A (1:04:52)

Game Changers | 3 of 4 | Conversation with Laila Ali

May 1, 2017
Game Changers, 3 of 4, Conversation with Laila Ali


Laila Ali (5:18), four-time undefeated super-middleweight boxing world champion, fitness and wellness expert, and author

Christine Brennan (7:00), national sports columnist, USA Today; commentator, ABC News, CNN, PBS NewsHour, and NPR's Morning Edition; author

Introduction by Yukio Lippit, Johnson-Kulukundis Family Faculty Director of the Arts, Radcliffe Institute; professor of history of art and architecture, Harvard University

AUDIENCE Q&A (39:43)

Game Changers | 4 of 4 | Gender, Media, and Popular Culture

May 1, 2017
Game Changers, 4 of 4, Gender, Media, and Popular Culture


Michael Messner (7:18), professor of sociology and gender studies, University of Southern California

Rachael Miyung Joo (24:30), assistant professor of American studies, Middlebury College

Kavitha A. Davidson (37:34), writer, espnW; contributor, ESPN the Magazine and ESPN.com

Moderated by Mary Jo Kane (1:15), professor in the School of Kinesiology, Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, University of Minnesota


AUDIENCE Q&A (1:05:01)


Janet Rich-Edwards, faculty codirector of the science program, Academic Ventures, Radcliffe Institute; associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School; associate professor, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Game Changer: Toni Stone | Panel Discussion

May 1, 2017
Game Changer, Toni Stone, Panel Discussion

This panel discussion followed the staged reading of scenes from the play Toni Stone by the playwright Lydia R. Diamond RI ’13, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, director-in-residence, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, and based on the book Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, the First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the Negro League by the historian Martha Ackmann RI ’09. 

The staged reading was not recorded.

Martha Ackmann (2:27), journalist and author, The Mercury 13: The True Story of Thirteen Women and the Dream of Space Flight and Curveball

Lydia R. Diamond (6:06), playwright, Huntington Theatre Company/Broadway's Stick Fly and Smart People

Nambi E. Kelley (11:50), actor (role of Toni Stone)

Megan Sandberg-Zakian (8:15), director-in-residence, Merrimack Repertory Theatre

Moderated by Sean O’Donnell, associate director of Academic Ventures, Radcliffe Institute

AUDIENCE Q&A (26:55)

Game Changers | 1 of 4 | Who Gets to Play?

May 1, 2017
Game Changers | 1 of 4 | Who Gets to Play?


Lizabeth Cohen, dean, Radcliffe Institute; Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Department of History, Harvard University


Donna A. Lopiano (15:22), president, Sports Management Resources; former chief executive officer, Women’s Sports Foundation

Anita L. DeFrantz (29:58), member, International Olympic Committee; former president, LA84 Foundation; 1976 Olympic bronze medalist (rowing)

Stephanie Wheeler (43:36), head coach, women’s wheelchair basketball, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign; 2004 and 2008 Paralympic gold medalist (women’s wheelchair basketball)

Moderated by Susan Ware (10:55), general editor, American National Biography


AUDIENCE Q&A (1:25:43)

A.K. Burns | Negative Space

April 10, 2017
A.K. Burns, Negative Space

As part of the 2016–2017 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, A.K. Burns RI ’17 provides a definition of negative space as something unfixed: it's dynamic, changeable, and—ultimately—free to form and reform, making it an exciting space to explore.

Burns is the 2016–2017 David and Roberta Logie Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

Jane Kamensky | John Singleton Copley's Declaration of Interdependence

April 10, 2017
Jane Kamensky, John Singleton Copley's Declaration of Interdependence

In this lecture, Jane Kamensky (7:36), the Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Director of the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America and a professor of history in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, looks at the era of the American Revolution through the eyes of the British-American painter John Singleton Copley.

Introduction by Lizabeth Cohen, dean of the Radcliffe Institute and Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies at Harvard University

Major Jackson | Urban Renewal: A Poetry Reading and Discussion

April 5, 2017
Major Jackson, Urban Renewal: A Poetry Reading and Discussion

The poet Major Jackson RI ’07 reads selected poems from across his catalogue that share a recurring theme: urban renewal. 

Introduction by Julie A. Buckler, the faculty director of the humanities program at the Radcliffe Institute and Samuel Hazzard Cross Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literatures in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

This event is part of the Roosevelt Poetry Readings at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The Roosevelt Poetry Readings are made possible by a donor gift that will help bring poets of recognized stature to the Institute.