Disability and Citizenship | Higher Education and Closing Remarks

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Disability and Citizenship | Higher Education and Closing Remarks || Radcliffe Institute

The Radcliffe Institute is in the second year of a two-year exploration of the broad theme of local, national, and international citizenship through a series of public and private programs, fellowships, special collections, and exhibitions.

As part of that exploration, this conference, "Disability and Citizenship: Global and Local Perspectives," explores the ways in which contemporary notions of disability are linked to concepts of citizenship and belonging. Leaders in advocacy, education, medicine, and politics consider how ideas of community at the local, national, and international levels affect the understanding of and policies related to disability—and how this has manifested itself, in particular, in higher education.

(9:13) Gopal Mitra, program specialist on children with disabilities, Disability Section, UNICEF

(25:26) Andrew J. Imparato, executive director, Association of University Centers on Disabilities

(42:13) Lisa I. Iezzoni, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School; director, Mongan Institute Health Policy Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Moderator: Michael Ashley Stein, executive director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability, and visiting professor of law, Harvard Law School

AUDIENCE Q&A (58:00)

(1:13:07) Judith E. Heumann, senior fellow, Ford Foundation