Education Justice: Centering Student Voices

Monday, November 16, 2020

Education Justice: Centering Student Voices || Radcliffe Institute

"Education Justice: Centering Student Voices" is the second in a two-part series that explores education justice in carceral settings and through nontraditional paths.

As detailed in the docuseries College behind Bars, the power of education has profound positive ripple effects, and traditional classrooms are not always accessible or attainable for all learners. This student-led panel highlights a range of educational experiences, both positive and negative, and attests to the power of education in various forms. Their stories illustrate the critical importance of meeting the needs of all students and of ensuring that our systems are reconsidered and redesigned to center compassion, equity, and opportunities for all.

Sebastian Yoon (6:21), graduate, Bard Prison Initiative, Bard College

Katie Medrano-Escobar (7:49), graduate, The Loop Lab

Zoë L. Hopkins (11:44), student, Harvard College Class of 2022