Finding Fairness | Cynthia Dwork

Monday, November 19, 2018

Finding Fairness | Cynthia Dwork || Radcliffe Institute

As part of the 2018–2019 Fellows' Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cynthia Dwork RI '19 addresses an increasing concern that, as computers and computer algorithms reach ever more deeply into our lives, they should incorporate societal values such as privacy, fairness, and statistical validity.

Dwork is a Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a Radcliffe Alumnae Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and an affiliated faculty member at Harvard Law School. As a Radcliffe Alumnae Professor, she is also a member of the 2018–2019 and 2017–2018 fellowship classes.