Next in Science: Epidemiology | Part 2

Monday, June 05, 2017

Next in Science: Epidemiology | Part 2 || Radcliffe Institute

The "Next in Science" series provides an opportunity for early-career scientists whose innovative, cross-disciplinary research is thematically linked to introduce their work to one another, to fellow scientists, and to nonspecialists from Harvard and the greater Boston area.

(2:05) “The Role of Epidemiologists in Studying the Causes and Consequences of Neuropsychiatric Health”
Sonja Swanson, assistant professor, Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam

(21:13) “Finding Opportunities to Reduce Disparities”
John W. Jackson, assistant professor, Departments of Epidemiology and Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

(51:37) Q&A