Red Sox Nation: Exploring Sports and Citizenship

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Red Sox Nation: Exploring Sports and Citizenship || Radcliffe Institute

Sports and community identity are deeply linked. What happens on the field and in the stands draws attention to larger issues confronting society and compels athletes and teams to think about their roles and responsibilities in their communities.

As the 2018 Major League Baseball season gets under way, the Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martínez and Boston Red Sox executives discuss how the Red Sox organization endeavors to engage with the community and to support good citizenship by the team and all of Red Sox Nation.

Sam Kennedy, president and CEO, Boston Red Sox

Rebekah Salwasser, executive director, Red Sox Foundation

Pedro Martínez, pitcher (1998–2004), Boston Red Sox; inductee, National Baseball Hall of Fame (2015); eight-time All-Star; three-time winner, Cy Young Award; sports analyst; and author

Moderated by Shira Springer, sports and society reporter, WBUR

Introduced by Anthony Brooks, senior political reporter, WBUR