Turnaround Arts [White House Program] | Vision & Justice

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Turnaround Arts [White House Program] | Vision & Justice || Radcliffe Institute

At “Vision and Justice” on Friday, April 26, Kimberly Drew moderated a discussion with Melody Barnes and Damian Woetzel on the Obama-era initiative Turnaround Arts, which integrates arts education in schools to strengthen reform efforts. The two-day creative convening considered the role of the arts in understanding the nexus of art, race, and justice.


Melody C. Barnes, distinguished fellow at the School of Law, Compton Visiting Professor in World Politics and senior fellow at the Miller Center, and codirector for policy and public affairs for the Democracy Initiative, University of Virginia 

Kimberly Drew, writer, curator, and activist

Damian Woetzel, president, the Juilliard School