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Field Studies: Hierarchy, Power Dynamics, and the Human Narrative

Portrait of Elizabeth Baker
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Baker

A presentation from 2021–2022 Rieman and Baketel Fellow for Music Elizabeth A. Baker

During her fellowship, Elizabeth A. Baker plans to expand the scope of her “Field Studies” project, which invites participants to consider an improvisational performance experience in which a human performer is an equal collaborator alongside all object elements and/or characters within a naturally occurring soundscape; likewise, the performer enters the space with an intention of channeling and interacting with nature rather than exploiting the features of the soundscape in an act of “artistic manipulation.” Through dismantling the human-centered narrative, this project seeks to foster dialogue and act as revolutionary resistance against systemic inequity, which leads to the oppression and exploitation of others. Publicly accessible sound maps, videos, and interviews will be an integral part of Baker’s creative output as she expands the project.

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