Wearing a serious expression, a bespectacled woman in a silver gray blazer and red patterned dress stands behind a round table in a conference room. Dry-erase marker in hand, she stands in front of a whiteboard, on which the name "Amelia" may be seen alongside other, less legible words.
As the 2022–2023 Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett Schlesinger Fellow at Radcliffe, Jennifer Finney Boylan is writing a novel—researched at the Schlesinger Library—inspired by Amelia Earhart and told in the voices of three women at three moments in the history of American feminism. Photo by Lou Jones

The Fellowship Program annually selects and supports artists, scholars, and practitioners who bring both a record of achievement and exceptional promise to the Institute.

Radcliffe fellows are individuals at different stages of their careers who come to the Institute from across the United States and around the world and represent a broad range of academic, professional, and artistic fields. Fellows work on an individual project—a novel, a film, a map of the Milky Way—while mining and deepening the knowledge, ingenuity, and talent of the Harvard University community. Projects range from the poetic to the cosmic. Past fellows include Jill Lepore, Samantha Power, Zadie Smith, Elizabeth Warren, and the Nobel Laureate Michael Kremer.

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Meet Our 2022–2023 Fellows

01 / 09

Breaking Silos and Making Transformative Discoveries at the Radcliffe Fellowship Program

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Harvard Radcliffe Institute Announces 2022–2023 Fellows

The Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program offers scholars and practitioners in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and arts—as well as writers, journalists, and others—a rare opportunity to pursue their work in a vibrant interdisciplinary community. From robotic fish to a novel-in-progress inspired by Amelia Earhart, the 2022–2023 class of fellows will come from 14 countries to pursue an incredible range of important projects.

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