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Although we are excited to have our fellows back on campus and working in Byerly Hall, Harvard Radcliffe Institute programs remain primarily virtual as we continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic. See Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Updates.

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Harvard Radcliffe Institute is a cross-disciplinary laboratory of ideas that brings together students, scholars, and practitioners to engage with issues that can only be fully understood by drawing on research from across the humanities, sciences, social sciences, arts, and professions.

The Institute is unique among Harvard schools: Although we do not award degrees, we offer unparalleled opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students. Harvard Radcliffe Institute provides learning and research experiences that are difficult to find in a traditional classroom setting. Radcliffe students work directly with our fellows and faculty, providing unique opportunities for mentorship, and they work across departmental boundaries, connecting with peers across the University. Harvard Radcliffe Institute enriches the Harvard student experience by fostering interdisciplinary, engaged scholarship focused on the most pressing issues of our time.

Open Opportunities for Harvard Undergraduates Open Opportunities for Harvard Graduate Students Student Employment Opportunities

Open Opportunities for Harvard Undergraduates

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), launched in January 2021, is an innovative new youth mentorship program focused on gender and leadership. The program partners current Harvard undergraduates with high school students from the surrounding Cambridge area. Together, they challenge limited conceptions of who can be a leader and who belongs in elite institutions of higher education, and they build critical skills to drive positive change.

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Radcliffe Research Partnerships

The Radcliffe Research Partnership (RRP) program matches Harvard College students with Radcliffe fellows in a research and mentorship program. Fellows act as mentors, while students provide research assistance, acquire valuable research skills, and participate in the Institute's rich intellectual life.

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Open Opportunities for Harvard Graduate Students

Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board members shape student-related programs and experiences and represent the Institute at their respective schools and departments. Harvard undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. Applications are due by 9 AM ET on Monday, September 20.

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Student attendees conversing at a lunch with Diana Mutz

Graduate Student Fellowships

PhD candidates at all Harvard faculties who plan to finish writing their dissertation in 2022–2023 are invited to apply. Graduate student fellows participate in the Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program by attending all weekly fellows' talks and lunches and are invited, though not required, to present their own work in a talk to the fellows. Applications are due on February 11, 2022.

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In honor of National Poetry Day, Harvard Radcliffe Institute would like to look back to our exhibit titled “A Language to Hear Myself”: Feminist Poets Speak. It featured five literary giants—June Jordan, Eve Merriam, Honor Moore, Adrienne Rich, and Jean Valentine—who used poetry as a platform for protest and self-expression, and to explore the politics of gender. Today we celebrate poetry as an art form and as a mode of activism for marginalized communities.  A link to the digital version of the exhibition is in the bio. Accessibility Description: Image 1: June Jordan smiling, sitting down in grass Image 2: Eve Merriam promotional flyer Image 3: Portrait of Honor Moore smiling Image 4: Portrait of Adrienne Rich smiling Image 5: Portrait of Jean Valentine smiling All images courtesy of the Schlesinger Library, which houses the papers of all five poets

#NationalPoetryDay #poetry #poem #literature #feminism #feministpoetry #JuneJordan #EveMerriam #HonorMoore #AdrienneRich #JeanValentine #archives #SchlesingerLibrary #Harvard #RadcliffeInstitute #HRI
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A new article in the New Yorker, “How the Real Jane Roe Shaped the Abortion Wars,” looks at the complicated life of Norma McCorvey. The Joshua Prager Collection on Norma McCorvey and Roe v. Wade is housed in our Schlesinger Library. Here, some photos from the collection. (Photo 1) McCorvey with Flip Benham, a born-again-Christian lay minister and militant anti-abortionist, who is mentioned in the article. (Photo 2) A roadside billboard in Indiana advertises the Tippecanoe County Right to Life Banquet, which featured McCorvey ca. 1995–1998. In our bio, a link to the collection’s catalog entry.

#reproductiverights #abortion #RoevWade #JaneRoe #NormaMcCorvey #JoshuaPrager #archives #biography #history #SCOTUS #SchlesingerLibrary #Harvard #RadcliffeInstitute #HRI
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Lauren Groff (photo 2) came to the Institute ready to complete a novel about early American captivity narratives—but after hearing Katie Bugyis’s (photo 3) fellowship talk about Benedictine nuns’ liturgical practices, her brain, she tweeted, “exploded into rainbows.” 
Last summer, Groff asked Bugyis, a historian of medieval religious women, to be a historical consultant for a different novel, out now: Matrix (photo 1) portrays the life of an abbess from the Middle Ages. Learn more about this true Radcliffe Moment in the Harvard Gazette. Link in profile.

#LaurenGroff #fiction #historicalfiction #KatieBugyis #medievalhistory #RadcliffeMoment #inspiration #collaboration #Radcliffefellowship #Harvard #RadcliffeInstitute #HRI
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