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Student Spotlight: Eva Frazier ’26

Headshot of Eva Frazier smiling at the camera
Courtesy of Eva Frazier

Eva Frazier is a Harvard College student concentrating in social studies and has been an Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) mentor and, more recently, an intern with the Radcliffe Community Based Student Internship (CBSI) program.

Frazier found out about Radcliffe before she became an enrolled student at Harvard—from her Visitas host, who spoke highly of the ELP program and was part of the reason Frazier applied as a mentor. Not long after, Frazier learned about the CBSI program from Radcliffe’s website and decided to apply for a career services internship with More Than Words (MTW), a nonprofit that empowers system-involved youth to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business.

During her internship, Frazier conducted outreach to around 35 Boston businesses, with the goal of setting up partnerships with MTW and identifying employers that would be willing to hire MTW youth.

Frazier’s internship was hybrid, with meetings at MTW every other week. She emphasizes the importance of those in-person visits, citing the connections she made as one of the most meaningful parts of the internship and stressing the importance of leaving the Harvard campus and meeting people outside the Harvard community.

“It was a really, really fulfilling experience,” Frazier says. One of her takeaways from the internship was that “education is often used as a barrier in this country, instead of an expansive opportunity.” MTW emphasizes postsecondary education for all, she says, as opposed to college for all, because education is not one-size-fits all, despite messaging that suggests otherwise.

Sam Zuniga-Levy is a writer at Harvard Radcliffe institute.

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