Graduate Student Fellowships

PhD candidates at all Harvard faculties who plan to finish writing their dissertation in 2024–2025 are invited to apply.

For 2024–2025, graduate student fellowships provide the following:

  • A stipend with the possibility of an additional $750 for travel related to conferences and job interviews. (The stipend for 2024–2025 has not yet been determined but will be equal to or greater than the standard GSAS stipend amount.)
  • Tuition and health fees.
  • Private work space at Harvard Radcliffe Institute's Byerly Hall.

Graduate student fellows are expected to reside in Cambridge during their fellowship year and participate in the Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program by attending all weekly fellows' talks and lunches. They will also present their own work to the fellows.

View a list of current and past graduate student fellows and learn more about their work.

How to Apply

The 2024–2025 application portal on CARAT is open. The deadline for applications is February 9, 2024.

Applicants for Harvard Radcliffe Institute Dissertation Completion Fellowships must include a brief statement describing how an affiliation with the Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program would benefit them; a two-page resume; a dissertation abstract and a table of contents; two letters of recommendation, one of which must be written by the dissertation advisor; and two faculty evaluation forms. 

While a candidate's scholarly qualifications, the merits of the dissertation topic, and faculty references are important in the selection process, consideration is also given to graduate fellows with research interests matching those of one or more of the year's Radcliffe Institute fellows. This increases opportunities for intellectual interaction and mentorship within the community.