Plant Futures: Equipping and Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders That Will Accelerate the Transition to Plant-centric Food Systems

Max Bazerman, Harvard Business School

Sparsha Saha, Harvard University

Over the course of a two-day workshop, participants will tackle the problem of food systems representation at Harvard: how can we bring attention to plant-centric solutions at Harvard? There is growing scientific evidence that our food systems contribute significantly to climate change, pandemic and other health risks, and animal suffering. Yet, there are few courses, career options, and general attention on these negative impacts on campus, despite growing awareness of these problems in private markets, politics, and on other campuses. In partnership with Plant Futures Initiative, a University of California, Berkeley initiative that fostered more engagement with plant-centric solutions from students and faculty at Cal, participants in the workshop will help develop strategies to establish course(s) on this topic; create research opportunities; catalyze a diverse, student-led movement on campus; and fill the gap when it comes to career opportunities and mentorship in this sector.