Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo
Radcliffe Institute Graduate Student Fellow
North American History
Statistically Significant: Economic Indicators and the Contested Capitalization of America, 1790–1935

Eli Cook is a doctoral candidate in the History of American Civilization Program at Harvard University. He studies the history of American capitalism and modern economic thought.

His dissertation, which he will finish while at Radcliffe, explores the history of economic indicators and how various Americans have chosen to measure, quantify, and value the prosperity of their nation. Using an interdisciplinary approach that bridges the gaps between economic, intellectual, and cultural history, he seeks to explain how and why gross domestic product, a statistic that prices everyday life, became the standard benchmark of human progress in the United States.

Cook, who has a BA in history and economics from Tel Aviv University, previously received the Thomas Cochran Dissertation Fellowship in Economic and Business History.  

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo