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Fushcia-Ann Hoover

  • 2023–2024
  • Social Sciences
  • Radcliffe-Salata Climate Justice Fellow
  • UNC Charlotte
Portrait of Fushcia-Ann Hoover
Photo by Tony Rinaldo

Fushcia-Ann Hoover is an interdisciplinary researcher specializing in socio-ecological systems. Her work explores the impacts of green infrastructure planning in the context of environmental racism, justice, and Black ecologies. Hoover is an assistant professor of environmental planning in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the UNC Charlotte and a faculty affiliate with the Central Arizona–Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research site at Arizona State University. Additionally, she is the founder of Eco Green Queen, a company dedicated to expanding the knowledge and use of environmental justice frameworks and methods across research and practice.

Hoover’s Radcliffe project is developing a testing procedure for Black feminist ecological theory (developed by Chelsea Mikael Frazier) to explore climate change planning approaches. The project will engage Black- and femme-identifying activists, practitioners, and scholars and their environmental practices and actions.

Hoover earned her master’s and doctorate from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering in the interdisciplinary Ecological Sciences and Engineering program at Purdue University and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. She has held postdocs at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center and the Environmental Protection Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. Finally, Hoover has published across peer-reviewed and popular press journals, and her coauthored article “Examining Privilege and Power in US Urban Parks and Open Space during the Double Crises of Antiblack Racism and COVID-19” was selected as the editor’s choice in Socio-Ecological Practice Research, a Springer publication.

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