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Iryna Smaznova

  • 2023–2024
  • Law
  • Robert G. James Scholar Fellow
  • National University "Odesa Law Academy" (Ukraine)
Portrait of Smaznova Iryna
Photo by Igor Starodubets

Iryna Smaznova heads the Department of Philosophy at the National University “Odesa Law Academy,” in Ukraine. She conducts research in the field of legal anthropology. Her latest book is Агресія і толерантність: філософсько-правовий дискурс (Aggression and tolerance: philosophical and legal discourse: monograph, Одеса Фенікс, 2019).

As a Radcliffe fellow, Smaznova is working on a monograph titled “Violence and Tolerance: Philosophical and Legal Perspectives.” Her key aim is to show that the relationship between violence and tolerance goes beyond their usual opposition and is more multifaceted than previously imagined.

Smaznova is a doctor of law and a professor. She explores the philosophy of media practices and the  philosophical and legal aspects of violence and tolerance and has authored more than 50 publications in this field.

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